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Aumsville 2004

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
I had my first run-in with this site on a dial-up connection last week. It took forever to completly load this page, so I am changing the format a bit. I will only have a couple pictures showing and links to the rest. This way it won't take so long for the page to load. Just click the link to see the full-size photo.

I wasn't able to get to any of the Oregon Tri-fecta contests other than the Aumsville one. Aumsville is my favorite of the three, so it was fine with me. Unfortunatly, my camaras' batteries went dead right before the first pro runs. So I only have pics of the ladies and some of the grand masters. I found this page with some good photos of the Aumsville contest and a quick run-down of the day. Harvest Skateboards

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ladies working the bowl
Jess carving
Heidi is focused
Blurry 50-50
Fakie rock in front of the judges
This local wasn't too into the contest
Backside D, I think
Carving the pocket
Bryce Kanights and Dave Duncan see the light
Working the spine
Soul riding, OK maybe not
Pat Ngoho, Dogtown legend, frontside grind
Huge backside air over the hip
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